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3 Reasons Why Asbestos Must Be Removed Immediately

May 13, 2022

In the 1950s and 1960s, scientists found asbestos a fire retardant. It was great news. They believed they could make products safer and fire-resistant.

Insulation manufacturers in the construction industry thought, “Wow! If this is a fire retardant, we can make building materials from it and protect homes better.” In theory, it was a great idea until problems started occurring.

Unfortunately, 10 to 20 years later, construction workers started having health issues and lung cancer. No one could figure out why. It took a long time to realize that breathing in asbestos particles caused these minute particles to lodge in the lungs. It wasn’t until 20 years later that doctors realized the body could not eliminate these unseeable particles. The result was cancer or mesothelioma (incurable).

What Are The Implications for You?

Well, if you happen to buy an older home containing asbestos, you need to consider removing it. Will it harm you? The truth is…who knows. It could. So we have thought of three reasons you might change your mind and do something about its removal.

It Is Present, And It Is Everywhere

Even today, 50 years after asbestos was labelled a poison, about 25 million homes and offices still contain asbestos. Asbestos is very toxic. Given that fact, we have to think about where it is in older homes. The problem is, it is not just in one place. When a home has asbestos, it is usually everywhere.

Your home shouldn’t have even a single piece of asbestos. The effects are harmful, which is why you can’t remove them yourself, and you need to hire a professional contractor to get rid of them.

Asbestos is Bad Stuff

It is hazardous, and it is poisonous. A single tiny particle can be toxic. So you should worry about whether you have it in your house or not. Do you want to put your family at risk?

Asbestos can cause cancer, mesothelioma, and other fatal ailments. Why risk it? If you buy an older home, you should have it checked for the contaminant and get it professionally removed if asbestos is in your home.

A Legal Requirement

You are legally required to remove asbestos. The government requires its removal when present. The removal prevents the spread of the substance throughout other parts of the home or neighbouring areas. You see, asbestos particles fly like dust in the air. They can affect people anywhere near the home. So, if at any time you do an inspection and find asbestos, you need to remove it. Even if you decide to sell or demolish the home, you first need to remove the asbestos.


In retrospect, we know that asbestos was a bad idea. The government decided not to demolish all the homes made with the substance but does require it be eliminated, despite its fire-retardant benefits. The silicate fibres of asbestos are extremely toxic and dangerous. Asbestos causes many diseases that are not detectable until 20 years later.

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