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5 Reasons Why a Residential Building Should Be Demolished

September 15, 2017

While on the outside residential buildings may appear in good shape, there are times when these need to be demolished. The reasons that a home should be demolished vary, and in most of the cases the reason is out of the property owner’s hands. Sadly, some buildings are not worth up-keeping, such buildings actually decrease the value of the land that it sits on.

5 Reasons to Demolish a Residential Building

If you own residential property, and you are curious as to the reasons a building should be demolished, then here are 5 of the most common ones you should know about:

A weak foundation – this is a condition that becomes evident when symptoms appear, such as the flooring becomes uneven, cracks in the interior and exterior of walls. The cause of a weak foundation can be from land shifting and/or sinking below the building. Another cause could be that the foundation’s materials have degraded to the point that it is not properly holding the home together, which is definitely an unsafe situation, and the building would need to be demolished, for safety’s sake.

A building is very old – when a building’s foundation is weak or not solid, it may be due to it being very old. Old buildings that date back farther than 80 years may not be worth fixing and may need to be torn down, unless it is a historic building, but even these may have to be partial demolished because they contain dangerous materials.

Building contains dangerous materials – older buildings may contain enough dangerous materials, such as asbestos, that they need to be demolished, or partial demolished.

Change in governmental building codes or zoning laws – there are times when local government changes building codes or local regulations that force homeowners to make expensive renovations that would not benefit the value of their home. In cases like this, property owners may choose to demolish their home to build a new one that meets all the new local regulations.

Plans to sell a vacant lot – if a residential building is not is good condition, the decision to demolish it before selling the property may be financially beneficial. The reason for this is because a vacant lot is more marketable.

If a decision has been made to demolish a residential building, and a professional demolition service is needed, feel free to call on Simcat Demolitions – specialists in single and multi-story home demolition services, asbestos removal, and sewer capping.

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