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A Guide to Commercial Building Strip Out Services in Melbourne

September 27, 2018

Sometimes, demolition services opt for the blank slate approach. The wall wrecking and floor deconstructing work are put on hold when this bare-bones method is called upon by a commercial client. Known as a building strip out service, this operation proceeds as a series of carefully directed waste removal actions. Here, in the heart of Australia’s southernmost coastal capital, the surgeon’s knife is selected instead of the mauler’s sledgehammer.

A Melbourne-based Strip Out Service 

Enough with the metaphors, though. Right to the point, this is selective disposal work, not a full-out demolition job. In a typical commercial business, there are cubicle walls to pull down and fake ceilings to carefully lower. Old fittings and redundant fixtures come next, then the team takes a five-minute break to grab a snack while looking out of the windows at the Melbourne skyline. By the way, those windows are left undamaged and whole. And that’s what’s meant by the surgeon’s blade, for only the non-essential items get the boot, not the fragile sheets of glass or the structurally loaded interior walls.

Protecting the Structural Framework 

Maybe a new business is moving into a commercial property in a few months’ time. When they do, they’ll want to bring in their own contractors. When those craftsmen arrive, they’ll enjoy the benefits of a clean slate. The old partitions and temporary ceiling panels are gone. The old commercial fittings, carpets, and furniture have all been removed. What’s left behind is a fresh start, a stripped-out area with scoured floors, intact load-bearing walls, and entirely serviceable windows. If this is an office, the cubicles and workstations are long gone, and the rooms are basically back to their four walls, ceiling and floors. If the business used shop frontage, then those shop fittings have been gutted.

Next-level Strip Out Services 

We’ve only just begun, as the song goes. After the bolt-down fittings are gone, there’s still the water/gas pipes and electrical wires to dispose of before the job’s done. Safely disconnecting these systems, the techs get back to work. There are old cable trays and conduits to disassemble now that the temporary ceiling is gone. Pipes, boilers, air conditioning units and ducts, all of the wires and pipes are removed, for there’ll likely be new equipment going in when a new business takes up residence.

In Melbourne, just like any other busy city, businesses come and go. The role of a demolition service changes subtly when this cycle commences. Care and disassembly expertise replace blunt force. Getting every non-essential item and fixture out, every partition, old piece of equipment or shop frontage element away, and building strip out services prep commercial properties for future occupants.

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