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An Overview of Demolition Hazards and Why It’s not a DIY Job

April 8, 2022

Sometimes you just have to do things yourself to save money, but while there are many home improvements you can learn to do yourself, doing your own demolition is not a great idea. It is not fun and you won’t save all that much money.

In fact, some risks come with any demolition project. An experienced contractor knows how to handle these risks and where they are, but if you don’t do this as a profession, you probably won’t know these risks.

Health Risks

Moving about old construction materials can put you in harm’s way. Old paint can contain lead which can damage your lungs. Drywall creates a cloud of fine dust that can damage the eyes and lungs. Let’s not forget that breaking, sawing, and crushing masonry, stone and clay leads to Crystalline Silica which is very dangerous to your health.

Beware of the Collapse

If you aren’t an engineer or an architect, you probably don’t know how a building, a room or even a wall will fall. It is never the right thing to do to just tear down a wall. That wall may be a load-bearing wall and it may be holding up the roof. So your tear down could weaken the basic structure of the home or even bring the entire structure down on your head.

Damage to the Home

If you unintentionally collapse the roof or any other part of the home, you will have to rebuild or repair the damage and that could end up costing more than if you hired a professional demolition crew. You could even use one of the wrong tools and punch a hole in the flooring or a wall that you meant to keep. A demo has to be precise, so you need to hire a professional team to come in and do the job in the right way.

Water or Electrical Damage

Can you tell what walls have plumbing behind them? Do you know how to find the plumbing? If you simply tear into a wall you may hit a plumbing line and cause flooding or water damage which in turn may turn into mould. It’s just one more risk you take when you do your own demolition work.

Likewise, many of the walls have electrical wires running through them and if you hit one in the wrong place you could start a house fire or get an electrical charge.

Too Physical

While a demolition project may seem a good way to get rid of your stress, it is only a theory. In practice, demolition is dirty and exhausting work. You will need to lift heavy debris and carry loads of junk out of the area. A professional brings professional tools and these include accessories to help haul out the debris.

Damage to Your Furnishings

Damage to home decor. Most people don’t move everything out of the house to tear down a wall or two. But if you don’t have the experience and you start tearing something down, you are more likely to damage other belongings.

Remodelling can be messy and you will have dirt and dust particles everywhere. Professional remodellers protect your furniture and personal items during demolition so that there isn’t any further damage to worry about.

Material Removal and Recycling

If you do a demolition yourself, removing the debris can be difficult. You could end up tossing out a lot of money. Plus, you aren’t practising sustainable building methods. When you work with a demolition company they will recycle as many materials as possible.
Considering all of these risks, you might want to reconsider doing that demolition job yourself. It might make more sense to find a professional demolition company to do the work for you.


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