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Demolition and Site Clearing Services in Melbourne

September 14, 2018

Many times, property owners have to hire contractors to perform demolition and site clearing services on various types of structures in order to prepare the site for a new building. To accomplish these tasks, contractors turn to a manual, deconstruction or implosion method. It depends upon the complexity of the structure as to which method is necessary for the ideal results. While demolishing smaller buildings can be performed successfully with manual labour and excavators, bulldozers, elevated platforms and other machinery, high-rises will need a wrecking ball or even possible implosion to come down effectively.

Thorough Planning Is Necessary for Demolition and Site Clearing

Contractors must thoroughly plan any demolition and site clearing in order for the project to reach a satisfactory outcome. Once the proper demolition method is decided upon for the structure, it is vital that the site plan for this project describes all of the landscape items that need removal, modification or even relocation. The earlier, the better for this, as this may need extra time to perform, and the plants and trees that remain during demolition may need special protection. The plan must also include any of the site materials that will be reused, including subsoil, gravel and topsoil.

The plan should specify where the site’s entrances, exits, dumpsters, fences, construction boundary lines, staging areas and more are in relationship to the building or structure. All mandated signs must be in the plan as well and fit all required physical specifications. In addition, they need to be installed correctly to detour and control traffic in, around and even through the site, depending upon its layout.

Contractors Must Protect Adjacent Streets and Sidewalks

Contractors also need to be certain that they do everything possible not to damage adjacent streets and sidewalks during the demolition process. If damage does accidentally happen, though, it is their responsibility to return the sidewalks and/or streets to their original, ideal condition at their expense.

Proper Disposal Methods of Debris Are Necessary

A demolition contractor also is responsible for collecting and disposing of all of the debris in accordance with local regulations. While certain debris may be recyclable, other debris will need to be disposed of in an environmentally safe manner.

Certain Precautions Should Be Performed Prior to the Demolition

• Contractors should disconnect all utility services prior to demolition, and these include gas, electric, telephone and water lines.

• All sanitary and storm sewers need to be sealed appropriately before the demolishing can begin.

• At no time, should the demolition interfere with the adjacent properties in order for those property owners and users to proceed with their days in the usual fashion.

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