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Demolition and Stripout Jobs: Why Recycling Materials Should Be Considered?

February 15, 2019

From a young age, we all learn that recycling is an important idea to pursue. Taking care of our planet and making sure that we reduce, reuse and recycle, well, that all just makes sense. While we might recycle in our day-to-day life, we probably rarely ever consider recycling on a larger scale, such as the demolition of a building. When a professional demolition crew comes to town in order to strip out and demolish a building, where does everything go that is inside of the building? Today, we are going to expound on the importance of recycling when discussing demolition and strip-out worksites.

Recycling at a Demolition Site

We all have the tacit understanding that the waste from a demolition job will end up somewhere. Rarely, however, do we take time to understand that this waste is going to go and sit in a landfill for an inconceivable amount of time. Now, let’s expand our train of thought in order to discuss just how often buildings are demolished. Suddenly, we are looking at a whole lot of waste! Fortunately, teams like ours prioritise recycling on our demolition and strip out jobs. Let’s highlight a few reasons as to why we believe that recycling is of the utmost importance to our work!

1) Reduce Landfill Waste – For starters, we all understand that waste from demolitions will go straight to landfills. Fortunately, when we take the time to strip out and sort materials from the site before the demolition, we can make sure that as much as possible is recycled. By recycling these mountains of materials, we can help to protect our planet from further landfill waste.

2) Minimise Pollution Output – Did you know that landfills produce an incredibly large amount of methane gas? Methane gas is one of the premier sources of greenhouse gases in our atmosphere. By reducing the size of landfills via recycling, we cut down on pollution and the impact that it can have on our environment.

3) Improve the Economy – Recycling also directly helps every-day people in our region! Recycling helps to contribute to the economy by creating work for people and revenue for surrounding businesses.

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