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Ensuring Safety in Our Demolition Projects

December 15, 2022

On every demolition site in Australia, the utmost importance is placed on workers’ health and safety. We are the same as everyone else, and we have even raised the bar with our secure demolition projects, which utilise cutting-edge technology to ensure the safety of the construction site personnel.

Before equipment and employees enter the demolition site, several decisions must first be taken, in addition to using technology.

In addition to obeying the regulations established for demolition safety, here at SIMCAT, we also follow these techniques to ensure the safety of everyone working on the site.

We Are Asbestos-Aware

Before any demolition work can begin, an asbestos survey must be carried out, and if any asbestos is found, it has to be removed in a manner that is both safe and in compliance with the regulations.

Air sampling, fibre counting, and bulk sampling are all activities carried out at SIMCAT by analysts who are completely independent of one another. These activities are carried out in full conformity with applicable laws and standards. The demolition phase of the project may start only when all asbestos, has been removed from the building. Even so, all of our operators hold qualifications, which means that our crew is equipped to identify the substance if asbestos is uncovered in a hidden location.

After that, all operations will be halted until the specialised contractor removes the licenced asbestos. During this time, no work will be done. Our employees have the training and experience necessary to remove asbestos that does not require a licence safely.

Training, Qualifications, And Experience to Help Prevent Accidents

Any staff member working on a demolition site must have the necessary credentials, including experience, training, and education. Every worker must thoroughly understand the safety gear that must be worn and kept on hand during the demolition. Training in health and safety that is maintained and kept up to date is also required to lower the risk of accidents. Keep in mind that certain certifications become obsolete after a predetermined length of time; thus, conduct frequent checks to verify that everyone’s education is up to current.

We strive to place a special emphasis on training and ensuring that all of our methods and working procedures are kept entirely up to date. This allows us to accomplish projects in a manner that is both risk-free and up to the highest possible standards.

The training and qualification system that we have in place for all of our staff is of the utmost importance to the health, safety, and environmental processes that we have in place. Every worker has the necessary education and experience to do the duties delegated to them, and the Site Supervisors always keep a careful eye on the site teams to ensure they are doing a good job.

This guarantees that every qualification is up to date and that every operative has prior experience in the task they are now performing. Additionally, it makes it possible for operatives to have a training plan to foster progress. The qualification criteria continue to grow more stringent as workers get more professional expertise.

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