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Essential Tips for Preparing for an Industrial Building Strip-Out

February 26, 2019

Often times, it is necessary to perform a strip-out before refurbishing and industrial building. This involves removing all of the unwanted elements on the interior except for load-bearing walls to make way for the upgrades. Since these buildings vary greatly in layout and size, what elements need removal also will vary. If you will need an industrial building strip-out in the near future, you should learn how to prepare for it in the proper manner. For this reason, we provide you with the following essential tips to accomplish this.

Hire a Company That Specialises in Industrial Strip-Outs

Our number one tip is to hire a company that specialises in industrial strip-outs. After all, this process requires in-depth knowledge, experience and the right techniques and equipment to perform it properly. Research into the background of the company to ensure that it delivers quality, professional results. The company should also be fully licenced and insured.

Develop a Solid Plan and a Set Schedule for the Strip-Out

With the help of the professional strip-out company, develop a solid plan and set schedule for your project. Be certain that the company explains every detail in-depth to ensure that you fully understand the process. Also, the date or dates of the strip-out need to be convenient for you.

Understand How the Professional Strip-Out Company Plans to Dispose of Any Debris

Another tip you should take heed of is to understand how the company plans to dispose of any debris. Some of it may be recyclable while other debris may need special handling. In addition, certain elements will be able to be disposed of in traditional ways.

Remove All Valuables From the Interior of the Building

You also will need to remove all your valuable items from the interior of your building prior to start of the strip-out. This includes any light fixtures, computers, equipment pieces, paperwork, desks, tables and chairs along with anything else that you wish to keep for your business operations.

Notify Surrounding Companies That a Strip-Out Is Taking Place

As a courtesy, you might want to notify the surrounding companies of the strip-out in case the coming and going of the professional crews or the project will cause them an inconvenience. This keeps you in good with them in the event you need their help in the future.

For additional essential tips for preparing for an industrial building strip-out, rely on Simcat Demolitions. We specialise in all types of demolitions from performing simple strip-outs to demolishing entire structures. Our expert teams also understand how to dispose of debris in the correct fashion, including asbestos.

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