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Factors that Determine House Demolition Cost

March 29, 2018

To receive the ideal results with a remodel or renovation, you may find that your house requires demolishing. Professionals will remove all unwanted or at times, unsafe elements. They will salvage, recycle or dispose of the debris before constructing the goal of your project. The cost of house demolition varies greatly between homes since each one has a different setup and construction. Below, you will learn about some of the factors that determine the cost of this service.

Size of the Demolition Area

The first item that influences the cost of a house demolition is the size of the project. A house of 1,000 square feet will cost far less to demolish than one that is 3,000 square feet or larger since it will require less hours of labour for just one example. Of course, it also depends upon whether it is a partial demolition of the area or a full one.

Additional Cost for Removing Toxic Elements

If your house is an older one that contains such toxic elements as asbestos, there will be additional cost to remove these in the proper manner. The reason for this is the fact that there are regulations on how to perform the removal and disposal of such elements. Over the years, the toxic building supplies have been replaced by safe, non-toxic ones.

The Type of Structural Elements

Since structural elements do vary between houses, they too can influence the cost of house demolition. While wooden framework is fairly easy to demolish, concrete and metal structural components require more time, effort and at times, equipment.

Cost of Clearing the Debris

Part of the overall cost of the demolition is the cost of removing the debris from the area to prepare for the rest of your project. Also, the type and amount of debris is another determining factor on the cost for demolishing your house.

Permit Expenditures

At times, there are permit expenditures for the demolition company in order for it to perform the demolition in accordance with local regulations. The company will need to pass on the cost to you when this is the case.

Rental of Special Equipment When Necessary

Another thing that may influence demolition cost is if the demolition company needs to rent a special piece of equipment that is not necessary for most demolition jobs. This is rare but can happen occasionally.

For additional information about the factors that determine house demolition cost, consult with Simcat Demolitions. We are experienced specialist demolishers in the Melbourne area of Australia. Our experts will assess your projects carefully before issuing you an accurate quote. You can rest easy when you rely on our company.

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