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Hazardous Materials That Can Be Encountered During a Demolition Process

May 20, 2019

During the demolition process, certain hazardous materials may be unearthed. Crews performing this process must be ever vigilant for this reason. Materials such as these require not only special removal techniques but also safe disposal methods. Regardless of the type of structure that you are demolishing for renovation or other purposes, you need to be aware of the toxic substances that it may contain. For this reason, we provide you with the following list of them.

1. Asbestos

Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral that over the years has been mined and transformed into various products for its high durability and resistance to chemical and heat exposure. It once was found in numerous items from hair dryers to insulation and other construction materials. Today, it is still present in many older structures. After years of using this material liberally, researchers discovered that it is a cause of Mesothelioma and other serious diseases. It must be removed and disposed of with extreme care for the safety of not only the demolition crews and surrounding people but also the environment.

2. Lead Paint and Pipes

Up until the 1970s, lead paint could be found in all sorts of structures from homes to industrial buildings. Over time, this paint chipped and made its way into other parts of the structure and began to cause health problems. Also, lead once was in water pipes, and it would leach into the water supply. Older structures may still contain these pipes. Health problems that lead exposure can cause include neurological issues, renal problems, reproductive issues, and more.

3. Mould

Mould causes respiratory problems along with other health issues. Also, it spreads easily in damp environments. It reproduces through spores, and if these spores are sent airborne during demolition, additional mould growth occurs quickly.

4. Polychlorinated Biphenyls or PCBs

PCBs can be found in old electrical transformers and capacitors, caulking and other materials in older structures. PCBs have been linked with birth defects, thyroid disorders and other serious health issues.

5. Mercury

Mercury may be in different types of equipment in a structure. Switches are one example where this element may be present. Any items containing this material should never be broken apart but packed and sealed intact for disposal purposes. Mercury can cause health issues such as nervous disorders, immune problems, digestive issues, respiratory problems and more.

For further details about the hazardous materials that can be encountered during a demolition process, consult with Simcat Demolitions. We specialise in all aspects of a demolition, including the removal of toxic substances. Our company uses the latest in removal and disposal techniques.

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