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How Professional Demolishers Handle Internal Strip-Outs to Ensure Safety

August 19, 2019

An internal strip-out is often necessary before a major renovation can take place. This process involves the demolition of the interior of a structure without removing the support elements such as walls or columns. Flooring, non-load bearing walls, electric wiring and components and ceiling materials are removed. Only professional demolishers should perform strip-outs to ensure that they come to completion in the appropriate manner. We explain in the following how these experts execute this monumental task in such a way to ensure the safety of the project and surrounding area.

Professional Demolishers Carefully Analyse and Plan Internal Strip-Outs

The first thing that demolishers do with an internal strip-out is thoroughly inspect the structure to determine what elements that they need to remove and which ones stay. Also, they discover any issues that could be hazardous. After this inspection, they formulate a sound plan to follow for the entire strip-out process.

Load-Bearing Walls or Columns Are Left in Place

In most cases, load-bearing support walls or columns will not be removed. If any such elements do call for removal, temporary support structures will be put in place until permanent support elements are built during the renovation.

They Properly Remove All Hazardous Materials

Professional demolishers also remove any hazardous materials and substances in the proper manner. They must use specific procedures and equipment in many cases to perform this type of removal not just to be successful but also to comply with mandated regulations. Also, asbestos is one element that calls for exact disposal methods on top of specific removal ones.

Experienced Demolishers Use Certified Safety Equipment and Gear

During every internal strip-out, professional demolishers will use certified safety gear and equipment. Hardhats, reflective vests, safety glasses, scaffolding with or without canopies, and lifts are all part of these safety measures.

Expert Demolishers Remove All Debris from the Site to Ready It for Renovation

To ensure that the site is safe for the contracting company to work in during the renovation process, the professional demolishers haul off all debris in whatever manner the law dictates when relevant. When they finish cleaning up the site, there are no hazardous materials or other impediments left for the owner to remove prior to the renovations starting.

For further facts about how professional demolishers handle internal strip-outs to safety, consult with Simcat Demolitions. We are experts in these strip-outs, as well as partial and full demolitions on commercial and domestic properties for a wide variety of reasons. In addition, we perform rubbish removal, total site clearings, asbestos removal and clean up, sewer and storm-water capping, and vegetation and tree removal.

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