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How to Ensure Success in Your Demolition Project

November 22, 2019

If you have bought a lot with a building on it, you might want to think about your next step for this situation. Some property owners would convert and retrofit this existing building into something useful. There are property owners, however, who will find a contractor that will perform a demolition job for this existing building.

Demolition projects pertain to the tearing down of buildings and other structures in their particular lots. Property owners do this because of various reasons. For most owners, they want to construct a new building or structure for their new home, business office, and others. Some owners resort to demolition if their existing buildings are now dangerous to renovate and work on.

Demolition works can cost you time and money. If you don’t want to waste your resources, you must review the following for a successful demolition project.

Plan Everything Beforehand

Planning is the most important part of every project. You must know the purpose of your demolition project. Think past the demolition phase and craft early drafts for the structure that you want to build on your lot. This will help your contractors determine the type of demolition that will work for you.

Moreover, planning your budget and timeline can help you track all the necessary details and changes following your purpose of demolition. You can look up for the average costs when doing the demolition works, as well as the services covered by these costing. By getting the average costs, you can now allocate maximum spending for this project with the work timeline.

Find the Best Service Provider

After planning everything, you may want to talk to a few contractors for your demolition project. You have to assess your chosen contractors very carefully to avoid wasting money. Show them your proposed budget, timeline, and structure for them to have an idea about your objectives. Ask them their services and offerings for you to get the answers that you need for assessment. This can help you choose the best contractor, and at the same time, maximise the services that they offer.

Safety before Anything Else

Once you have hired a contractor, they will now help you with the next steps. Your contractors will accompany you in walkthroughs that include inspection of the structure and surrounding grounds. The purpose of this walkthroughs is to assess the quality of the structure and the ground and the condition of the surroundings. This step will also help you identify harmful materials that need to be removed first before conducting the demolition.

Hazardous materials are explicitly identified by the local building agencies. If your contractor is familiar with all these materials, then they can remove all of them before doing the actual demolition. The removal of these materials ensures safety among you, your workers, and the surrounding environment.

Preparation for the Demolition

After the walkthrough and the removal of harmful materials, your contractor must give you a written statement about the work plan that they will conduct. If not, you can ask them about it and work together with them to come up with a plan according to your liking. The process of cleanup and remediation must also be clearly stated by them. Regulations must be followed and permits must be obtained for a smooth workflow.

The Demolition Proper

After planning and executing all the steps that must be done, it is time for the contractor to do the demolition. The phase of the demolition proper relies on the contractors, but if you have chosen the best, then you should not worry about anything. As the property owner, make sure that the demolition work will go according to the plan. You must also look into the safety measures of the contractors while doing their jobs. After the demolition, the cleanup process will start. The final polished lot will be given to you by the end of the contract.

If you have more questions about demolitions, contact us at SIMCAT Demolitions. We are a well-established leader in demolition works all over Melbourne that specialises in large and small demolitions. We also know how to manage asbestos and other hazardous waste.

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