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Labour Hire in Melbourne: A Checklist to Help in Choosing the Right One for Your Project

August 27, 2018

When you need additional help for one of your projects, there are two basic ways to go about it. One way is to hire permanent employees either directly or through a recruitment company. The second way is to turn to a company that specialises in ‘labour hire’ services. With the second method, you receive highly qualified workers for the exact length of time as the project without the entanglements that you have with permanent employees, such as year-round wages and benefits. As the result, it is more cost effective to use a company for ‘labour hire’ in Melbourne than to select the first choice for your additional project help. If you never have used one of these companies, though, refer to the following checklist to help select the right one for your project needs.

1. Ensure That You Hire a Reputable Company

Research into the reliability of the company before you turn to it for your additional labour needs. Check its experience in the business, licensing, insurance and references. This is the only way to be certain that you are dealing with a legitimate company that provides quality ‘labour hire’ workers.

2. The Company Should Specialise in Providing Labourers for Your Type of Project 

Always ensure that the ‘labour hire’ company that you turn to for additional workers specialises in providing workers for your specific type of project. After all, if your project is about demolition, you do not want construction labourers. They will not understand the various nuances of their duties.

3. Be Certain That the Labourers Have the Desired Skills and Experience

You also need to be certain that the labourers from the ‘labour hire’ company have the desired experience and skills. For example, if your project is about demolition, they should have the following qualifications:

• Demolition and/or labouring experience
• Should be physically healthy and fit
• Hold a valid driver’s licence and have their own vehicle
• Have at least two checkable work recommendations from previous employers
• Need to hold a valid White Card
• Work visa when applicable
• Working With Children card is an advantageous feature at times
• Have a team attitude

4. The ‘Labour Hire’ Company That You Hire Should Offer Flexible Terms

One other feature that you should look for in this type of company is that it offers flexible terms, such as short-term and long-term rates for hiring temporary labourers. You need to be able to hire according to your needs, not the company’s specifications.

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