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Partial and Specialised Demolition Work: The Dangers When This Is Not Done Correctly

October 16, 2018

Demolition is the act of deconstructing part or all of a structure in order to prepare the site for a new project. While you can well imagine the dangers associated with a full demolition, a partial and specialised demolition also carries its own dangers or hazards when it is not done correctly. There are obvious dangers such as cave-ins and the less obvious ones, such as hidden asbestos and other harmful materials just for some examples. Also, workers can become injured for falling objects when they are not sufficiently protected on the job.

Types of Hazards with Improperly Performed Partial and Specialised Demolitions

  • Workers falling from heights happen more often than one may imagine. Improper safety equipment is often at blame for this, but it can also happen when there are several crews working at once without clearly communicating with each other.
  • Remaining parts of the structure can collapse without the correct temporary supports put into place.
  • Falling objects can injure workers and pedestrians when there is not covered scaffolding to protect them. Often, people think scaffolding only helps the workers reach the proper heights to perform their jobs, but it also can be erected with a roof of sorts to protect those who must traverse certain pathways either to perform their jobs or just walk down the street in front of the building or structure.
  • When the gas, fuel or electricity supply lines have not been properly shut off, workers can suffer burns, respiratory problems and shock along with their being a high risk of fire. Also, refrigerant and water lines can cause other issues if they are not cut off prior to the demolition.
  • Rodent or other pest infestations can be hidden in the ceilings and walls. Not only can the pests bite the workers and possibly infect them with rabies, depending upon their species, but they leave faecal matter in the area that pose a health risk.
  • Mould growth, asbestos or other toxic substances can cause respiratory issues that range from mild breathing problems to severe diseases, such as cancer.

    Ways to Avoid the Dangers in Partial and Specialised Demolition Work

In-depth planning is one of the ways to avoid most of the above dangers. When the demolition company researches the demolition site for the possible hazards, they can take steps to prevent many injuries and other issues. Also, ongoing training for the demolition workers is another effective measure.

For further details about the dangers when partial and specialised demolition work is not properly performed, consult with our company, Simcat Demolitions. We specialise in all types of demolitions from partial and specialised ones to full demolitions. Also, we serve both commercial and residential clients.

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