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Potential Danger Signs in Demolition: Why Strict Adherence to Protocols Must Be Observed?

July 27, 2021

While it is always important to practice the correct safety precautions when demolishing any type of structure, it is doubly so when performing this action to fire damaged structures. Not only does the fire weaken the framework and foundation of the building, house or other constructed element, it also can uncover and even disperse hazardous materials that are part of the structure. Knowing the potential danger signs in demolition can save you a lot of trouble in the long run. For further details about the importance of adhering to the safety precautions in demolition of fire damaged structures, read the following.

Ensure That the Remains of the Structure are No Longer Hot to Prevent Issues

After fire ravages any type of structure, there is a high risk of it reigniting when the embers are still hot. For this reason, demolition teams should not begin their processes until the building has totally cooled off and the risk of the fire reigniting is gone.

Enter Structure Area Carefully Due to Possible Instability

The area around or in a fire ravaged structure is often unstable. Due to this instability there is a risk of the structure collapsing in one direction or another.

A Risk of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Respiratory gear may be a necessity when demolishing a fire damaged home or building or other walled construction if the carbon monoxide or CO level is high. Carbon monoxide poisoning can cause numerous health issues, including death.

Possible Hazards from Energy Sources

Another reason to follow all safety precautions during a demolition of a fire ravaged structure is there may be hazardous conditions due to live electrical lines or gas leaks. The electricity and gas should always be shut off before demolition begins along with the water.

Hazardous Materials May Be Present

In addition to the above reasons, precautionary methods during demolition of a fire damaged structure are necessary due to the fact that hazardous materials, such as asbestos, can be uncovered and even released into the air. Specific removal and disposal methods must be adhered to when asbestos is present to prevent health issues from occurring in the workers and people nearby the demolition site.

Hard Hats and Other Safety Gear is a Must

Demolition experts are trained to wear the appropriate safety gear necessary to protect their bodies from harm. This gear includes such things as reflective vests, hard hats, steel-toed boots, safety glasses, special breathing equipment and more.

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