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Safety Precautions in Demolition: The Importance of Minimising Hazards and Risks

June 11, 2020

Demolitions are widely known as a dangerous and hazardous endeavour. Why wouldn’t it be? After all, it involves tearing down foundations, walls and structures, which if you’re not careful, is definitely life-threatening and let’s face it – a tragedy waiting to happen. That is why it is important to seek the help of a professional in planning and executing a demolition project. If there is a team that knows it best, it’s them. And believe me, it is not something that you should be doing yourself, unless you’re an expert. But if you want to know a bit about demolition, we’ll let you in on a not-so-secret detail. Below are the safety precautions in demolition and the importance of minimising hazards and risks.

Safety Precautions in Demolition

Prevention is better than cure all the time, especially if the possible disease is injury or worst – death, That is why safety precautions are in place in demolitions. It is better to be certain that the premises – where there will be workers – poses no imminent risks and hazards. There are different ways to prepare and caution your demolition team so that hazards and risks will be minimised to none once they started the demolition project. Below are some of them.

Risk Assessment

It is important to conduct a risk assessment, before anything else. Why? It is because, logically speaking, you will never come up with solutions if you don’t find out the problems in the first place. Risk assessments is simply locating the problem areas comprehensively. This includes inspecting the demolition process, identifying the hazardous and waste materials, locating the asbestos risks and others. You can definitely prepare the next steps to undertake once you have considered all the risks.

Safety and Code Compliance Training

Once you have assessed the risks in your demolition area, it is now time to find out if your team can handle the demolition project. The only way to this is by familiarising them with the important details of the demolition project – starting with the safety precautions. Afterwards, they should be able to comprehend the safety procedures and accident prevention techniques that should be done.

Draft Demolition Plan

It is important to have the steps and process documented to ensure that everything is followed entirely. It is like having a checklist, you’ll never forget anything you’ve listed once you cross them out upon accomplishing them. Never forget to include the demolition methods, safety measures and any environmental damages. List all the possible hazards that may arise, no matter how unlikely, during the demolition.

Notify Surrounding People

Since demolition sites are full of hazards, powerful equipment and dangerous materials,  there is no room for carelessness and oversights in demolition projects. You should never forget to notify the immediate people around the demolition site. You cannot afford to have some innocent bystander or onlooker injured in a demolition project.

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