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Site Remediation and Abatement Services in Melbourne

July 27, 2018

When facing complex environmental challenges, property owners pressured by regulatory enforcement can turn to Simcat Demolitions for professional site remediation and abatement services in Melbourne. At Simcat, we can help navigate through your projects to resolve issue that could result in environmental liabilities, with minimal disruption to your operations.

Cost Effective Site Remediation and Abatement Services 

At Simcat Demolitions, our experts provide asbestos and hazardous risk assessment audits, asbestos sampling, and the safe and effective removal of asbestos and other hazardous substances. While most remediation tasks are schedule at certain phases of ongoing projects, Simcat Demolitions understands that there are many times that such scheduled tasks need to be accomplished as soon as possible as a result of an emergency, accident, or a necessary deviation of other scheduled projects.

Simcat has the resources and highly trained professionals to respond to the immediate needs of our clients to effectively mitigate the effects of hazardous substances.

Site Remediation and Abatement Capabilities

Simcat Demolitions provides cost-effective, specially designed abatement service programs for hazardous materials such as asbestos, lead and mold removal projects. Our commercial and residential abatement services for property owners provide solutions to environmental issues that include mold remediation, lead paint removal, and asbestos cleanup and removal.

Since 2003, our hazardous remediation teams at Simcat Demolitions have established a well-known reputation as being some of the best in the industry. Always meeting and exceeding health, safety, and transportation regulations, our highly trained and experienced technicians can meet scheduled deadlines on time.

Simcat Demolitions Managers Get the Job Done on Time

With confidentiality and discretion, Simcat managers evaluate each job on an individual basis, discerning the unique needs of each job, and then oversee each project from start to finish. This ensures that all work meets safety and regulatory requirements and is completed on time. In this way, clients are assured that their projects and needs, regardless of size, are completed with the highest quality of work, within budget, and on time.

Before any work is started, environmental management planning is conducted. This includes a detailed report that includes contamination assessment from the site, and the recommended equipment and personnel necessary to accomplish the work.

At Simcate Demolitions, we are leaders in the demolition market. Providing services that cover small to medium sized buildings up to two storeys. For property owners, builders, or contractors in need of demolition, strip-out, or hazardous waste management and asbestos removal, please contact Simcat Demolitions today.

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