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Strip-out Benefits Before Starting an Office Renovation

June 8, 2018

Whether you have plans to undergo a major redesign of your office building, or just have a minor office renovation job done, there are benefits you can garner by having a strip-out done by professionals at Simcat Group – demolition and strip-out experts in Melbourne.

Most office renovation design plans are imagined first by viewing areas with one’s eyes only, and then imagining what changes can be done. However, taking this approach actually limits the potential of what can be done or imagined to a space. This is because all fixtures, finishings, and furnishing are still present.

Instead, plans for a complete office renovation should be done by taking into consideration the ‘total’ free area of space available, and then working with office fit out specialists to maximise that space, and to utilise any unique architectural characteristics to create the best office renovation that meets your specific needs, and aesthetic tastes.

Benefits of Hiring Strip-out Professionals Before Starting an Office Renovation

If you need an office space stripped out before starting your planned office renovation project, or prior to moving into a new space, then hire strip out experts in Melbourne at Simcat Group.

After contacting Simcat for an office strip out job, we will dispatch one of our experienced project managers to inspect your site. They will then inspect your space and provide you with a quote and a proposed work plan. Our inspections and price quotes are free, with no obligations attached.

At Simcat we pride ourselves in providing the best demolition and strip out services at affordable and honest pricing. Our superior customer service, affordable prices, high-quality work performance, and attention to detail is the reason for our continued success, and, because we are a full service demolition company that can handle any size job, there is no need to outsource any needed work.

This saves our clients’ money, and it is a major reason why they continue to use Simcat Group for all of their strip out and demolition needs.

Simcat strip out services include:

• Asbestos removal, management, auditing and testing.
• Removal of ceiling and grid.
• Removal of wall and ceiling insulation.
• Removal of walls and partitioning.
• All non-structural material and furnishings are demolished and removed.
• Site clean-up and properly removed and disposed.

To learn more about all the benefits you get from a commercial strip-out service, before you start your office renovation project, contact Simcat Group today and schedule a free, no obligation inspection.

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