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The Importance of Excavators in Demolition Jobs

January 30, 2019

Demolition jobs are complex endeavours that require the right techniques and equipment to come to fruition safely and efficiently. After all, these jobs often include tearing down brick, concrete or even steel structures along with removing all the debris. One piece of equipment that is quite important in performing most any demolition project is an excavator. We provide further information about excavators and their role in demolition in the following.

Excavators Are Ideal, Powerful Machines for Demolition Work

Due to their power and dependability, excavators are one of the most common pieces of equipment found at demolition sites. Also, these mighty machines can utilize various attachments to perform a wide assortment of tasks. They cannot only help with knocking down buildings, but they also can help carry off the debris and level out the soil. Most excavators consist of a cab on a platform or house that rotates, a bucket, a stick or dipper and a boom along with wheels or tracks on their undercarriage. Different styles of excavators are available, including ones that have an extra-long reach.

Choose the Right Excavator for Your Demolition Project

It is important to select the right size of excavator for your project. While demolition sites that are expansive in size will call for the larger versions of these machines, this size of excavator will not work for the smaller sites. The three main sizes of excavators are:

• Standard excavators are between 7 and 45 tons and are highly versatile. They have plenty of power and work well in moderate to large demolition sites. However, if you need to reach high up in the air you will need the large-size excavators.

• Large-size excavators can weigh up to almost 80 tons. These excavators are true workhorses on demolition sites. They can move up and down slopes, knock down buildings and even handle jobs that require extra reach capabilities.

• Small or mini excavators weigh 7 tons or less and are the most mobile and agile of all the excavators. They can work in almost any size of space, including the sites with tight spaces when you select the right model.

For further details about the importance of excavators in demolition jobs, turn to Simcat Demolitions. We specialise in all types of demolitions for both commercial and residential projects along with other related services. Our company will fully analyse your job site, provide you a quote of our services and choose the right excavator and other equipment to bring the job to completion in a timely, safe and quality manner. Also, we guarantee all our services.


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