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The Importance of Risk Assessment and Management in Demolition and Removal Services

July 9, 2021

Demolition is a dangerous task since it involves knocking down and removing part or all of a structure. Professionals must take all preventative measures to keep issues from happening. Failure to do so will lead to unnecessary damage to surrounding properties and tragic injuries occurring to the work crews or other people. The main way that problems are prevented is through doing demolition risk management. Take the following steps to ensure that your structure is demolished in a safe manner.

Hire a Professional Demolition Company

The first step to take to manage demolition risk is to hire an experienced company to perform the task. Not all companies specialise in this, and it requires expert knowledge, specific techniques and the right equipment to avoid problems.

Be Certain That the Company Performs a Risk Assessment

Once you hire the correct company for your demolition project, be certain that it performs a thorough risk assessment to discover all possible hazardous areas or materials that may be present on the site. Below, you will learn about possible inclusions in this assessment:

  • Discovering the hazardous materials on the site is top on the list for this. These materials can include chemicals, flammables and asbestos just for three examples.
  • Any risks involved in decommissioning the building or tearing the structure down.
  • A determination of what waste materials will result from the process of demolition.
  • Will isolation need to be performed for the sake of the surrounding area?
  • The process necessary to remove the asbestos if it is present on the site. This material must be removed in the correct manner to prevent workman and other people from becoming ill from exposure to it.
  • Analysing the risk of leaving part of the structure in place when only a partial demolition is being performed.
  • Notating all of the utilities that must be turned off prior to the demolition
  • Any other risks should be included in this assessment.

Demolition Experts Should Demolish Your Structure with the Risks in Mind

After the site is prepared correctly and the utilities turned off, the demolition company should proceed with the project with all the risks in mind. Also, it needs a solid plan of how to deal with each risk.

For further facts about why demolition risk assessment is a must for all demolition services, consult with Simcat Demolitions. We are experts in every aspect of demolition on a commercial, industrial and residential basis. Also, we always assess all risks with any projects that we undertake. Other services that we provide include rubbish removal, total site clearing, asbestos removal, responsible vegetation and tree removal, and more.

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