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Total Site Clearing after Demolition: Reasons Why Correct Procedures Must Be Followed

December 10, 2019

In a demolition project, a lot of processes are involved to ensure a smooth transition from planning to the demolition itself. Most of the time, demolitions are performed to give way to a new building structure since the existing structure cannot be retrofitted or extended anymore. After the demolition proper, one necessary action is to clear out the site.

Total site clearing after demolition is essential so that the process of the new construction will go on without any compromise. The correct procedures for the site clearance must be followed to ensure smooth turnover from the demolition team to the construction firm. Here are the reasons why correct procedures are important when clearing the site after demolition as well as the role of professional site clearance.

Correct Way of Disposal

When we remove some old parts of our property, we tend to just throw these things straight to our trash bin. Some old used things, like electronics, batteries, and others, must even be properly handled according to their respective disposal instructions. This proper management of waste also applies to the debris found after the demolition process. Hiring professional services can help you get rid of the debris and other waste residues in a proper way. They have the necessary equipment just to carry or store these things before proceeding to the disposal area.

Some waste on the site may be hazardous for people to smell or touch. They must be handled with care and that extra precautionary measures are all in place to get rid of them. Luckily, professional site clearance has the correct tools to determine and collect these things.

As most of the wastes are removed, most of them don’t have to end up on landfills. Some professional site clearance delivers them to facilities that can recycle waste to help reduce waste in landfills. The majority of the wastes collected from demolition sites are recyclable, which can help the environment in the process. The correct procedure involves proper disposal of waste and fulfilment of legal requirements, which can be economical and environmentally friendly altogether.

Save Time and Comply with the Law

One of the reasons why correct procedures must be followed is for you to save time. You see, if you take it upon yourself to clear the debris and wastes on the demolition site, it will just prolong the process of site clearance. Aside from it being unsafe, site clearance must be done by a lot of professionals. They know the things that may be touched and the things that need extra equipment and tools. Before the demolition took place, a site survey has already conducted to know the expected debris from the building. With this survey, the professionals know what kind of tools and machinery must be brought in.

Although the burden of dumping the wastes on the respective recycling centres or landfills is directed towards the professional site clearance, it is your responsibility to know their legibility. You must determine if they don’t just dump the waste on places that are illegal so that you will not be fined by the government.

Demolition projects must be accompanied by a proper site clearance so that you don’t have to waste time and disobey local ordinances and laws. If you want to know more about proper site clearance operations after demolition, then contact us now at SIMCAT Demolitions. We can supply you with the correct answers for your site clearing needs.

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