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Understand Office Building Strip Out Inclusions: Contact Simcat Demolitions

November 5, 2019

After years of hard work and dedication to your craft, your business is finally thriving. For you to maintain the upward trend of your company, you decided to expand your office space to accommodate more employees. Luckily, a huge room right across your office has been vacated since last week and is now up for lease. You enquired about it and after a couple of negotiations, that space is now yours. This move makes the whole floor of that building yours, as well.

What will you do next? Of course, you wanted that room to be cleaned and designed according to your liking. However, it still has the design elements of the previous leaser. To have a fresh start, you then enquired for a strip out service.

A strip out service is essential with used office spaces and buildings. Stripping out can make an office look brand new for it to be ready for a major redesign and redevelopment. With this demolition method, removed resources and the building itself can be reused again. This form of demolition includes the following processes for the best outcome possible.

Survey and Plan

Any demolition works must start with conducting surveys on the site. This can help you identify all the materials present on the site. Some of these materials may be hazardous that must be removed first. Some, however, may be recycled again for future use.

The survey also examines the usage and condition of the site, conditions of the surrounding, number of code compliance and violations of the site, and floor layout. Afterwards, all gathered data are used to draw the best plan for the entire strip out process of the space.

Cut and Prepare

Hazardous materials identified during the inspections will be removed first. Once done, the crew will start cutting utility lines such as electricity and water and capping the pipes to avoid any unwanted damages to the site. They may bring back some portions of the electricity for temporary lighting.

Temporary lighting is important for the safety of the crew. Additionally, the whole crew will regularly review the demolition plans for a safer yet productive outcome of the project. All equipment for the demolition will also be inspected daily.


After prepping the site, the whole crew is ready to remove and dismantle all unnecessary additions and embellishments of the site. These materials do not affect the overall structural integrity of the building. Such additions of the site are the following:

  • internal walls and partitions
  • false ceilings and light fixtures
  • furniture, fixtures, and fittings
  • carpets, floor tiles, or screed
  • doors, cupboards, and storage
  • heating, air conditioning, and ventilation systems
  • data and telephone services
  • specialized plant and heavy equipment
  • basement tanks and generators

Recycle and Turnover

All stripped out materials will be removed out of the site and sorted out depending on their quality and properties. Some materials can be reused, recycled, and repurposed again for future use. Some of them may even be donated to the ones who need such materials. Those that cannot be used again are transported to the landfill.

Lastly, the strip out process ends when the whole site is being cleaned, preparing it for remodelling and complete revamp.

So, the next time you acquired an old space or building, you must immediately look for strip out services that can do the trick for you. If you have more questions about office building strip out and its inclusions, you can rely on Simcat Demolitions. Thanks to our years of experience, we have gathered enough knowledge and expertise in all kinds of demolitions. We perform demolition works safely and professionally.

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