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Understanding the Importance and Functions of Pre-Construction Demolition

August 9, 2022

Perhaps, the procedure of demolition appears to be less complex. But not until you come into situations in which a structure can withstand explosives and bulldozers. Or a hefty charge is levied against you because you neglected to remove asbestos before the destruction of the building. Or when it comes out that you have demolished the structure in violation of the law…

These are the kinds of situations that are avoidable and should be done thus. It will save you a tonne of time and valuable money to have an awareness of the methods of demolition and the regulations before you begin.

Best Preparation Possible

Before beginning any demolition work, you are required to obtain any necessary permits, turn off the utilities, verify that the power lines do not pose any risk of contact with electricity, take care of asbestos abatement, conduct pest control, especially if the building has not been occupied for an extended period, and notify the appropriate authorities. Errors in the preparatory process might also lead to other negative outcomes.

There are a lot of things that may go wrong with our initial plans, which is why we require the most effective and secure demolition strategies for our particular project.

Most Common Demolition Methods

  • Use of Mechanical Tools & Equipment

In mechanical demolition, large machines such as excavators, cranes, demolition balls, and bulldozers are used to drag or push down the structure being demolished. This method is more efficient since it requires fewer people, but it comes with a significant danger of accidents resulting from falls from higher work platforms as well as the possibility of being crushed.

  • Manual Demolition

If you go with this strategy, you will deconstruct the structure piece by piece, following the same sequence in which it was built but in the other direction. The manual approach requires the use of instruments that are held in one’s hand, such as picks, jackhammers, and sledgehammers.

This procedure, although being time- and labour-intensive and necessitating additional protective precautions, is priceless since it enables the recycling and reuse of the construction components for future projects.

  • Explosive Devices as Means of Demolition

Imploding a building necessitates the utilisation of explosives throughout the demolition process, and in order to properly deploy the explosives, a knowledgeable professional is required. This approach is frequently utilised for the construction of huge buildings in densely populated regions.

The key to success with this approach is ensuring that the structure collapses onto its own footprint and causes the least amount of harm to its surrounds as possible. Clearly, even a minor slip-up can result in a significant financial loss. In order to conduct out demolition in a secure manner and mark the appropriate locations for explosives, you will require a strategic placement of the explosives and precise time of their detonation.

  • Induced Demolition

It is the process of bringing down all or a portion of a structure in a planned and safe manner through the methodical and sequential removal of the essential structural elements, which is followed by the application of the appropriate force.

It is important to keep in mind that the methods of induced collapse should only be utilised on detached constructions that are located on adequately level terrain.

When using this strategy, having adequate room is one of the most important considerations. It is necessary to leave a clean area for the building to fall into once it begins to collapse. In addition, there should be sufficient room in the area so that both employees and equipment may be safely removed before the building collapses. Wire rope, slings, and chain pulling are the tools of choice for demolishing a structure by the induced collapse method.

All these and more are what awaits you when you acquire the services of SIMCAT Group. Contact us today and let’s talk about how to best demolish anything to jumpstart your construction project.

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