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Understanding the Nature and Definition of Total Site Clearing

June 11, 2019

Before the creation of a road, parking lot or other complex project that requires a lot of land, professionals must first clear the site of all present natural growths as well as fences. Site clearing ensures that there are no unnecessary above-ground impediments to slow down or delay the project from starting as planned. To be certain that you understand the process of clearing a site to prepare it for a project, we explain it in further detail in the following.

Reasons for Site Clearing

Clearing of a site is always the first step in preparing for the project ahead. The excavation or the base formation of the land cannot take place prior to clearing. For example, when the project is a road, the area for the actual road is cleared along with sufficient space on each side for the shoulders. All trees, bushes and shrubs must be eliminated as well as any grass and vegetation that is growing in the topsoil. At times, this removal needs special permissions and even compensation in some manner. If fences are in this area, they also may need to be moved, which will require notification of owners who rely on them to prevent their animals from roaming free.

Clearing Bush Elements

Eliminating the bush elements from the site includes cutting or uprooting all shrubs and bushes in the designated area. Workman also will remove these completely from the site in order to expedite the other clearing that needs to take place.

Removal of Trees and Stumps

Other elements that require removal during a site clearing are trees and stumps. There is an eco-friendly way to go about removing trees, which includes digging them up in such a way that they can be replanted in another location, but this can be quite costly since it takes additional time and manpower. The other way to clear them is to bulldoze them over and haul them away for different purposes besides replanting. Grinding stumps down into sawdust is one method for eliminating them, but often times, professionals must dig down deep enough to remove their roots.

Understand How Grubbing Pertains to Site Clearing

You may have heard the term ‘grubbing’ used along with the term ‘site clearing’ without fully understanding the connection between the two terms. Grubbing is simply the removal of all grass and other vegetation growing on the site. Also, it may include removing at least part of the topsoil, but this only should be performed if it is less nutrient-rich than the soil below it.

There may be other steps to your site clearing. To learn precise information about what you need in the way of this process for your site, consult with Simcat Demolitions.

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