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What Happens to Concrete After a Building Demolition?

May 30, 2022

Work on many construction sites begins with the demolition of concrete foundations, driveways or walkways. This creates a sizable accumulation of heavy material to be hauled away. It is fortunate that concrete can be recycled in different ways for reuse. In most instances, the concrete is pulverized or crushed near the construction site.

Savvy contractors reuse large pieces of concrete to reduce construction costs. This also provides healthy benefits for the environment. Reusing concrete can alleviate the need to mine and transport gravel to the construction site.

What Happens to Concrete Following a Building Demolition

After a building demolition, the remaining concrete is recycled with the use of industrial-grade crushing equipment. This equipment has heavy jaws and very large impactors.

After the initial breaking up of the concrete, it is usually processed through another impactor, then screened for the removal of dirt and particles and to separate the large and small clusters. Water floatation, magnets and separators may also be needed for removing certain elements from the concrete. The concrete can then be crushed with a machine for recycling.

To select the best processing equipment, the following factors should be considered:

• The ideal equipment will include a strong electromagnet, water floatation capacity or an air separator system for separating steel from concrete.

• Having hydraulic stands that are separate can facilitate a more rapid setup.

• Automatic, manual or remote control systems are all appropriate for use.

• Processing systems that include jaws, conveyors and cones can process the concrete thoroughly, from the demolition stages to usable material.

Typical Uses for Old and Recycled Concrete

Common uses for old and recycled concrete include the following:

Paving Substance for Driveways and Walkways. When broken, recycled concrete is used to pave outdoor driveways and walkways, it offers a porous, durable surface that rainwater can filter through. This can help in replenishing groundwater.

• Foundation for Asphalt Paving.
Old concrete pavement can be broken into pieces and used as a foundation layer for a new topcoat of fresh asphalt.

• Bed Foundation Material. Broken concrete can be useful as a bed foundation for trenches that house underground utility lines. These trenches are often covered with gravel to promote good drainage. However, repurposed concrete can be used in place of gravel to prevent the need for transporting the gravel.

• Aggregate Material for Mixing New Fresh Concrete. Old, broken concrete is an excellent aggregate material for mixing new concrete.

By consulting our professionals at Simcat Group located in Heidelberg West, Victoria, you can obtain top-rated information concerning what is done with concrete following a building demolition.

Our fine team of experts can explain all of the uses for old, crushed concrete and the processes for using it. They will ensure that you have a complete understanding of just how older concrete can be used in environmentally safe and helpful ways today.

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