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What You Should Know About Stormwater Capping and Why Choose Simcat Demolitions?

January 28, 2021

With any demolition project, there are numerous details to perform prior to the process taking place. One of these tasks may include sewer capping. All buildings and homes have some type of working sewer line that must be closed off to prevent various problems from occurring after the demolition is complete. This is not something that is optional since authorities mandate it as a specific requirement to demolish a structure legally. We explore the many reasons why this is so in the following.

Sewer Capping Prevents Clogged Lines

Partial and full demolitions create a large amount of dirt, debris and other elements that will clog sewer lines, even far away from the property that is scheduled for demolition. Capping off the sewer is crucial to preventing this issue.

Capping Sewers Keeps Toxic Waste from Entering the Water Treatment Facility

Another reason the sewer capping in a demolition project is required is that at times, the crews come across toxic elements that do not need to reach the water treatment facility. Asbestos and volatile chemicals are two examples of these elements. Capping the sewer ensures that the right disposal methods are used to remove these elements from the demolition site.

Certain Sewer Lines Pose a Risk for Accidents

Main sewer lines can be large enough to cause accidents and physical injuries when left open. When you do not ensure that all sewer openings are capped properly, you can be held liable for any problems. Prevent shelling out fines and possible lawsuits by sewer capping in the correct way.

Capped Sewer Lines Are Easy to Find for Construction Companies

Construction companies can locate capped sewer lines when necessary to renovate a demolished site. Also, they are ready for reconnection immediately since they have been protected from any issues.

Regulations May Include How Far Away the Sewer Capping Needs to Occur

Depending upon your location and surroundings, there might be regulations on where the capping needs to occur in case there is more than just one on-site area that requires it. Check with local officials to ensure that you understand all the specifics about the rules in your area.

For further details about why sewer capping in a demolition project is required, consult with Simcat Demolitions. We specialise in all types of demolitions for both residential and commercial buildings. When sewer or storm-water capping is necessary, we bring in a licenced plumber to perform this job in a professional, effective fashion. The plumber also will issue a clearance certification upon completion of the capping. Also, we provide a number of other valuable services to ready your site for the next step.


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