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Why a Strip-Out Is Needed Prior to Any Large Renovation Project?

January 15, 2019

A large renovation project requires a lot of planning and preparation to ensure that it comes to completion in an optimal fashion. Most of the time, this also includes a strip-out to remove any unwanted features completely to make way for your new ones. You may wonder just why this process is necessary for an extensive remodel, and that is why we will explain the process and its benefits in the following.

What Is a Strip-Out?

The strip-out process is the demolition of a structure’s interior features except for the essential support framework or columns. Prior to this process, you will need to remove all of your belongings and furnishings that you wish to keep from the area. Also, you must know your final goal with your remodel before you start this process to ensure that you strip-out sufficient area in case the renovation is not for the entire interior.

Benefits of Performing a Strip-Out Prior to a Large Renovation Project

• Walls are removed to make way for the expansion of rooms. Without tearing these walls down, you would be limited in what you can accomplish with your renovations. Whether you want to create new offices, bedrooms or other rooms in your structure, this action will help you succeed in this goal.

• Demolition experts remove outdated ceilings to make way for the latest designs. Ceilings can yellow, peel and even sag over time when they become aged and worn.

• If your structure contains any asbestos, crews will use special removal techniques to eliminate it from the structure to be certain that it does not cause health problems. While it used to be thought of as an effectual building material, we now know that exposure to it has serious, if not deadly, side effects.

• Crews tear out old, worn wiring and plumbing when necessary during a strip-out. When these elements are up to date and in the place where you will need them for the renovation, though, the crews can leave where they are at present.

• The crews also will tear out inadequate flooring materials to make way for new, durable flooring options. Regardless of your choice of flooring for a large renovation, it is best to give it a stripped-down subfloor to receive a smooth, proper installation for it.

For additional details about why a strip-out is needed prior to any large renovation project, consult with Simcat Demolitions. Our company specialises not only in strip-outs but partial and total demolitions as well. You can also rely on us for asbestos analysis and removal services along with other services.

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