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Why Residential Demolition Projects Require Professional Demolition Contractors

January 6, 2020

With the birth of the do-it-yourself (DIY) culture, people are starting to take matters into their own hands. Every task is one click away as instructions to everything becomes readily available for the public’s perusal. However, what many does not know is that there are certain tasks too complicated for a simple Google search. Here is why residential demolition projects require professional demolition contractors.

Instruction for Inspection Requirements

A pre-demolition inspection may be one of the most helpful and cost-efficient steps you can take to identify materials that must be removed from buildings prior to demolition. Such is a confusing task. You are required to know the number of inspections necessary. Aside from that, most regulating bodies require the house to be inspected before the demolition process can begin. Thankfully, a good demolition contractor will know exactly what inspections are required for your area. The inspections usually involve checking for asbestos, lead paint, mould, rotten wood and other hazardous materials. A contractor can handle checking for all of these issues.

Instruction for Permit Requirements

There are demolition permit requirements in every country and state. If you demolish your home without putting these codes into practice, you may end up being faced with legal conflict. Again, a good demolition contractor will know exactly what permits are required for the area. In fact, they will most likely pull the permits on your behalf. If you would like to do this yourself, you can visit your local government’s website for that information. The permits usually involve covering noise, hours of demolition, disposal of debris and more.

Access to Specialty Equipment

Hands are not enough for a full demolition. You’ll need some heavy-duty construction equipment. Equipment you most likely don’t have lying around. A demolition contractor will be prepared with the machinery necessary to take down any building. No rentals or hiring construction equipment operators for you.


The idea of picking up a sledgehammer and ramming it through a wall over and over again sounds great, but believe it or not, it gets tiring. It is also relatively easy to hurt yourself when you are not a professional demolisher. One slip of the sledgehammer and there goes your wife’s toes! Leave it to the professionals. They enforce safety at all times


Demolition contractors clean up their mess. From start to finish, they should provide the roll-off bins and all site work necessary to leave your property looking completely clean when all is said and done.


Overall, hiring a demolition contractor will give you peace of mind. The job will be done as quickly as possible, as safely as possible and can sit back and watch the work get done. Prepare for your new home while your old one is being demolished, instead of ripping your hair out with demo-frustrations.

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