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Why Simcat’s Tree Removal Services is the Best Choice

October 11, 2022

Do you have trees in your yard frequently shedding their limbs on your house or car? Do you believe one of your trees could be readily brought down by harsh weather conditions? Is it possible that one of your trees is growing in unsafe proximity to the electricity lines? No matter which of the scenarios described above best describes your circumstance, the tree removal experts at Simcat will find a solution that meets your needs!

 Our Tree Removal Service

At Simcat Group, our primary area of expertise is the safe and efficient removal of trees and stumps. People with trees on their property that are growing out of control are likely to have some anxiety when greater winds arrive, and the weather begins to warm up. When severe weather or high winds strike an area where trees are allowed to develop at their own pace, it can have catastrophic effects on the surrounding area. Because of the unusually high number of issues attributed to fallen trees and branches in the region, we have decided to put our efforts into promoting our tree removal services as our primary emphasis.

Customised Services Based on Your Needs

Depending on the specifics of your circumstance, tree removal services (or even tree pruning services) could be the optimal solution. You can help look after your family and your surroundings by minimising the risk of trees or huge branches falling on your property. This will improve the safety of your home and reduce the likelihood of falling debris damaging it.

Getting permission from the local council is typically required before cutting down or removing a tree from its location. In most cases, they will ask you to file an application outlining why you require removing your trees. If anything can affect people’s safety, they will almost certainly permit you to do it.

Safety Above Anything Else

This may not be easy to discern for those without prior experience. If your tree is brown and bare of leaves when all the other trees in the area appear healthy and green, it almost always indicates that it is either dying or suffering from some disease. It is highly recommended to verify with an abolitionist first.

It is possible that the tree has to be cut down if it looks to be leaning to one side. This is only done if it poses a risk to surrounding homes or electrical lines. You have the option of having the tree removed entirely or having it clipped if you notice that it is constantly dropping limbs. It may be in everyone’s best interest to have the tree chopped down if it is located near a public building or institution of learning, for example. However, in cases you are doubtful, you should always consult an arborist.


The stump removal services offered by Simcat could be the solution if you have already had a tree cut down but are now faced with the unsightly sight of a large stump in your yard. If you have any stumps on your property that could be hazardous, our team of arborists is available to come out and remove them for you.

Please get in touch with us if you have any questions regarding our tree removal services.

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